Just Psychopathics

by Alphastare/Wings of an Angel



Spanning geographical and cultural divides as wide as the oceans, art has this way of creating long and lasting bridges, maybe not the most stable, the ones that sway dangerously in the wind. - Artist statement

"The music has the grotesque feeling of it being a movie soundtrack, but it is not needed to be actually made as the fields of stars and galaxy traveling, with here and there a psychedelic revelation, is probably more intensive and pretty in your own head than any silent Hollywood movie can produce.

It’s all up to your own imagination how to interpreted this work, but me personally feel as if I’m experiencing being abducted by aliens who go for a lot of mental research, with flash lights, beaming flickering lasers, alien doctors singing songs and me trying to saw of the restraints. But why resist this awesome and pretty cinematic experience? Sit back and enjoy the show!"

Exerpt from "Yeah I know it Sucks!" webzine


released June 1, 2015

Jeff K. Alphastare: Aural Artistry
Wings of An Angel: Aural Artistry



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